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Cameron Mackintosh presents a brand new 25th anniversary production of Boublil & Schönberg’s legendary musical.


The action begins in 1815 as Jean Valjean, a man condemned to 19 years of hard labor for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family, finds only hatred and suspicion when he is released on parole. Meeting one man who believes in him, Valjean breaks his parole to begin a new life. The story truly begins as Jean Valjean crosses the landscape of early 19th century France, always pursued by the righteous police inspector Javert. From his adoption and love of the orphan Cosette, to the darkly funny plots of the thieving Thénardiers, from the soaring revolutionary fire of the student rebels who fight on the barricade in the streets of Paris to the final confrontation between Jean Valjean and Javert, the story of Les Misérables is one of love, courage and redemption.

Should I See It?

What is  Les Misérables like? 
Les Misérables is a sweeping masterpiece that has been a record-breaking success worldwide since its London opening in 1985. Les Misérables has been translated into 21 different languages and been performed in front of more than 60 million people in 43 countries and is the longest running musical in the world. The New 25th Anniversary Production has been a huge hit all over again, currently breaking box office records across North America including [a sold out run at ASU Gammage in 2011.] The long-awaited film adaptation is also on track for a December 2012 release, starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, so now is the perfect chance to see the thrilling Les Misérables live on stage. 

Is  Les Misérables Good for Kids? 
Les Misérables has been a mainstay on the stage for over 25 years and while this epic musical is an inspiring story of love, courage and redemption it also contains many themes related to complex and difficult subject matter including social revolution, poverty and prostitution. When choosing to bring the family to  Les Misérables, parents should make their own decision based on the maturity of their child. The production is recommended for ages 10 and up.

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