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Dairy Queen & Free Shampoo: Wicked’s David Nathan Perlow Gives His Tips for Conquering the Road

The touring life ain’t easy, but we polled the pros for their tips on surviving the ultimate road trip on a national tour. From buses and planes to hotel rooms as temporary homes, these actors have mastered the art of the bus-and-truck lifestyle. This edition of Road Rules features David Nathan Perlow, who plays the dashing Fiyero in the national tour of Wicked. Perlow filled out our questionnaire and shared his tips for mastering the road.

The most efficient packing lesson I’ve learned is:
Put your dirty laundry in your trunk! This will leave plenty of room in your suitcase for Jimmy John's bumper stickers and city-specific Starbucks mugs.

My favorite roadside stop is:
Natalie Daradich, a former Glinda, and I would go to town on an A&W when we could find one. Also, Natalie’s eyes would always light up at the sight of a Dairy Queen. My attitude is that while you're road-tripping, you can eat anything you want and as much of it as you want.

The quickest way to make a hotel room feel homey:
I always get my cast-iron pan on the stove right away. That makes me feel at home. There are some pictures I carry with me also—a collage that my best friend made me with pictures of my family and my kitty. I have a painting that my grandfather created when he was younger. However, I don't put much time into making the hotel rooms feel like home. Taking a 37-square-foot room at the Kalamazoo Residence Inn and making it feel like home would be a magic trick. I'll just look forward to the comforts of home later and enjoy the free shampoo while I can.

My sure-fire way of decompressing from the show is:
I have some drinks and watch Wet Hot American Summer until 5:30AM. By then, I'm ready to get into bed. Probably. Potentially not.

See Perlow and the high-flying cast of Wicked at the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre from November 13 through December 1.

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