West Side Story - National Tour

The classic American musical returns to the stage.

Water, Water Everywhere! West Side Story Tour Star Addison Reid Coe Shares His Tips for Mastering the Road

While romancing and rumbling as Tony in West Side Story, Addison Reid Coe travels the country in the national tour. Below, the actor shares the best tips he’s picked up for living the bus-and-truck life. Read on to learn Coe’s lessons about extreme hydration, abundant caffeine and maintaining a healthy text relationship with his co-star’s boyfriend.

The five items I can’t live without on the road:
1. Water bottle
2. Water filter
3. Water jug
4. Water heater
5. Water

The fantasy vehicle I wish I could travel from city to city in:
Definitely a Star Trek beamer. This way, I could go home in between our engagements instead of traveling. That would be the bomb!

My favorite way to pass time while traveling is:
Listening to music. I love listening to progressive trance. Above & Beyond’s “Group Therapy” podcast has two-hours of progressive trance—it’s free and awesome. Tiesto’s “Club Life” podcast is also great, and free. I rarely get sleep on the bus, so I find time to catch up on music and my communication.

My favorite roadside stop is:
When there is a gas station that also has a Starbucks. I’m currently working towards my Gold Card—only 15 more stars to go!

My favorite castmate to travel with:
My leading lady, MaryJoanna Grisso, who plays Maria. She’s so little, so when I sit next to her on the bus, I still get to have knee room! We sit on the bus and text each other’s significant others. Her boyfriend, Matthew, has become a good friend of mine.

See Coe in West Side Story at Clowes Memorial Hall from June 4 through June 9.

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