Jersey Boys - National Tour

This Tony-winning rags-to-riches story is just too good to be true!

My Space: From Steam Heat to Great Reads,Jersey Boys Tour Star Miles Jacoby Reveals His Backstage Essentials

Miles Jacoby, who plays Bob Gaudio on tour in the hit musical Jersey Boys, is in constant search of a calm backstage space. The star offers this peek at his dressing room to see what his must-haves are to “walk like a man.”

"I always chew a piece of gum right before I go on stage every night. A quick explosion of peppermint is a surefire way to freshen your breath and get those juices flowin’."

"Frankie says in the show, ‘Family is everything.’ I couldn’t agree more, so I always try to surround myself with pictures of family and friends back home. It’s always helpful to remember who's rooting for you.”

"The Vicks Electric Personal Steam Inhaler is a necessity. Whether I need to clear out congestion before a show, hydrate during intermission (especially in some of these dry and dusty theaters), or soothe my chords after a two-show day, this baby is always around."

"Having a good book to read around the theater is essential for me. During the half hour I have before I make my first entrance as Bob Gaudio or between performances on a two-show day, a great novel is a relaxing way to pass the time."

"Comfy pants! Not only are they good for lounging and stretching, but they are also great for running around the theater during the half hour while everyone else is getting into costume. Oh, and I guess they’re OK for napping in as well, but I would never do that at the theater."

See Miles Jacoby when Jersey Boys arrives at the Murat Theatre at Old National Centre from January 9 through 20.

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