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Brooke Hills on Growing From a ‘Young Woman to Wife’ Nightly in Fiddler on the Roof

Being one of five sisters in Fiddler on the Roof, there’s bound to be a struggle for attention. However, as oldest daughter Tzeitel in the national tour of the classic musical, Brooke Hills soaks up most of the action as dairyman Tevye’s first child to wed. Hills told about growing into a woman on stage in the show, which plays the Murat Theatre March 6 through March 11.

“The best part of playing Tzeitel is that I get to cover a lot of ground. She grows from a young girl to being a wife and then becoming a mother,” Hills said. “She is cut from her mother’s cloth—full of respect for her parents and the traditions of their beliefs.”

In the show, Tzeitel uproots tradition by marrying Motel the tailor, the man of her choosing. "She knows what she wants and is able to carve out the life she desires for herself. It’s an amazing role,” says Hills, who also enjoys the emotional range of Tevye’s eldest. “Tzeitel gets to be funny and playful with her sisters, but also put her foot down and is stern with Motel when needed."

Hills’ onstage family in Fiddler on the Roof includes John Preece as Tevye, Gerri Weagraff as Golde, Sarah Sesler as Hodel, Chelsey LeBel as Chava and Andrew Boza as Motel.

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